Shina Luna (shina_luna) wrote in penguindrum,
Shina Luna

Italian BD release

I just saw that the series popped up on to be release among these months.

Vol. 1 Vol. 2. Vol. 3 Vol. 4

The interesting thing, it says Collector's Box at vol. 1 and Brooklet at Vol. 4. 
Anybody who knows Italian have more Info? Does that 100 page brooklet contain the stuff from the original brooklet or sorts of? I know no Italian, but if the storyboards and all the illustrations are in there too it might get interesting. 

I wonder, if there is some release comparison somewhere around. 
The French one is DVD-only and sub-only and i guess with no much extras at that, the US one is probably one plain BD Amaray with the disk in there and nothing else? 
Tags: dvd and bluray release
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