No, Jan, we can't. (pratyeka) wrote in penguindrum,
No, Jan, we can't.

Penguindrum and Utena Special Exhibit

Utena Exhibit
Hey guys,
I was recently able to attend the special Utena and Penguindrum Exhibit that recently showed in Tokyo and then Hakata, Fukuoka. I made it to the Hakata show, so it didn't have some of the things from the original (like the Himemiya dress), and Ikuni didn't come for a day of signing (;-;) but it was still a great event. I bought the commemorative book of the exhibit, I hope you guys enjoy these few pictures I took of it, although all I have is a phone camera (sorry!). No photos were allowed inside the exhibit. There was a lot more Utena art than Penguindrum, but both were beautifully represented.

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