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Star Child New Anime Convention report

Original writeup here with pictures.


    From the director of the masterpiece that even now still strongly resounds in peoples' memories, "Shoujo Kakumei Utena," comes the release of a completely original new animation. It will be broadcasting from July onwards. After the ending credits of the currently airing "Dororon Enma-kun Me~ramera," every week a different 20-second teaser trailer will be airing (beginning Thursday, 5/19, on MBS, TBS, TVA, six trailers in all).

    The show's story unfolds around three siblings: Takakura Kanba, Takakura Shouma, and Takakura Himari. Appearing as special guests, director Ikuhara Kunihiko and Arakawa Miho-san (the voice of Himari) discussed their feelings on the project.

    Making animation for television again, I feel a mix of anxiety and excitement. The main characters of this story, Himari and the others, are all kids in their teens. I felt there was a huge divide between their generation and my own. As a result, I wanted to produce this series as a "loop"[1] to bridge that divide. The main staff is largely comprised of people about a generation younger than myself, so I was able to learn a lot from them. The cast is also made up of fresh faces. At a glance, the series has the air of a Saturday morning cartoon, but actually is a production that has a dark side[2], so I hope people can look forward to the story's development.

    I still can't believe that this production is my first time performing in an anime. Even now, watching the finished product, I get so excited. I don't know myself how the story will develop, so with a sense of excitement every day, I'm having fun attending the recording sessions, which have a very warm atmosphere. I am so happy that I met with this production, and that I met the character of Takakura Himari. I'm hoping that I myself can grow along with the production.

    7/2011 (24 episodes in all)

    Director: Ikuhara Kunihiko
    And others

    Takakura Himari: Arakawa Miho
    And others

[1] the kanji for "loop" is the same used in the "mawaru" of the title.
[2] literally it's a work containing poison - I'm just guessing this is what he means

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