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I was able to watch it and download the stream this week, hurrah. Pics first!

The cover of the first novel:

The back of the first novel:

The manual book (it comes with penguin stickers!!):

One of the show's designers made pin badges for the show's staff (they say "staff only"):

"The characters transform, right? I want to show one of the characters' transformations. Here's Ringo-chan."
"Yes, she transforms and the outfit's pretty showy, right? This is after she transforms. Everyone transforms a lot and has their own styles, right?"
"But this isn't a 'henshin' show!"
"What kind of show could it beeee~"

It was brought up that online there's a lot of curiosity on what the genre of the show is, especially after last week's trailer, and what the story is even about. The staff said the story was too hard to explain then and there. Takahashi Kei said, "It's not that I can't explain what it's about!'s that I can't explain what it's about in a simple way!"

The big revelation was Ringo's "post-henshin" outfit. They made it sound as if all the characters would be transforming somehow, possibly into varied outfits...?? But then claimed it wasn't a "henshin show." So confusing.

They commented that only the main four seiyuu had been revealed so far. They made it sound as though more well-known seiyuu are in the supporting roles (we already know Fukami Rika recorded during episode 3, at least). They said the more established cast members are in roles you wouldn't expect, very different from their typical typecast roles.

It was confirmed officially that the premiere date is 7/7 (Tanabata).

Not that much new info this week, lots of idle chatter. Ikuhara looked exhausted the entire time and definitely needed a nap, lol.

They talked a lot about the kinds of merchandise they wanted the show to have, while viewers on the live feed contributed suggestions, which they read back and commented on. People wanted a real version of Himari's penguin hat, and mini-backpacks shaped like the penguins.

They said that you can already preorder merchandise for the show at Animate, clear files and such.

One of the staff assistants appears every week on the program but is shy about showing her face. She wears a masquerade mask the entire program and even then positions herself so her face is out of frame. You can usually only see her legs the entire time, and she wears short skirts and high socks, which has earned her the nickname "Ashistant-san" from fans online. Takahashi was wearing high socks with shorts today too so she and Ashistant-san were posing together, comparing their high sock styles. It was proposed that next week they should make it "high sock festival week" and make the guys wear high socks together with them too as a *~high sock party~*. We'll see what happens next week, I guess. ;P

Last trailer in the teaser series airs today!
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