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"My love, and your punishment, we'll share them all."

I want to revisit the teasers. Again. XD; 19 episodes in and we still haven't had most of the dialogue used, but after this week...


HIMARI: "Since then, we had no future. All we knew for sure was that we would never amount to anything. The world had left just us behind. But, for your sake, I'll show that fate can be changed."

    Himari's voice, delivering an approximation of Shouma's opening monologue, down to using "boku."

    When is the "since then"? It seemed like it would be the day of the attack, but now it seems like they're talking about the day in the broiler: they knew they would never amount to anything, but Shouma changed fate that day for her sake.


RINGO: "Fate cannot be changed. It's absolute. There, we won't be able to have any choice."
SHOUMA: "You're practically transparent. I can't see you. I'll share all of your punishment with you."

    Ringo and Shouma share the trailer. Ringo hasn't used this line yet, how does it come in now when she talked about changing fate? And who is Shouma speaking to?

    Someone who went into the broiler and really did go through with becoming transparent?

    Whose punishment is he sharing?


KANBA: "If a person can ignore fate, can ignore instinct and genetics, and even then, still fall in love..."
HIMARI: "All of my love, and all of that person's punishment, we'll share them. I'll definitely show that fate can be changed."

    Himari and Kanba share the trailer. Himari is once again using "boku," so the implication continues to be that she's quoting Shouma again even though this line has not been used.

    "All of my love, and all of that person's punishment."

    The same person from trailer #2 who became transparent...?


RINGO(?): "Don't force your own concept of happiness on me. I have a score I want to settle with my life."
SHOUMA: "The surveillance on us will continue until we're completely ruined. That is our punishment."

    Ringo/Shouma again. A variation of Shouma's line was already used when he spoke to Ringo. Again Ringo doesn't sound pleased in this one.


HIMARI: "I will give back everything I stole away from him as he pretended not to see. So, please, God, help him!"
SANETOSHI: "This is your punishment. There's no way all of you will be able to be happy."

    Here Himari speaks as herself, not as Shouma. The life she "stole" from Kanba? Or something else?

I'm just like *_____* at how well-crafted these things are.

They link Himari to Shouma in totally plain sight while not actually having them in a trailer together.

Buuut the "pairings" we get are Ringo/Shouma, Kanba/Himari, and Sanetoshi/Himari.


The child broiler may not be bound by the constraints of the normal timeline since it seems doubtful it's a real, non-metaphorical location. So seems not a total stretch all the characters could have been in there at once especially given Momoka's timeline-shuffling.

Let's say Momoka, after trying to prevent the attack, was distraught enough when she failed (and lost the diary, making it impossible for her to escape/make a quick train transfer) that she fell into the broiler.

There, Shouma met Momoka. He tried to save her, but it was too late and she was already "becoming transparent."

(This also may be why Yuri is so positive Momoka isn't dead and can be gotten back: she's not dead, just become transparent. From reading the novel's scene with the long Sanetoshi talk in the library, it does seem he is genuinely speaking to a form of Momoka who exists in the present time in the library, but she never speaks. When she falls away from him at the end, her lips finally move, but it's too late and he can't see what she is trying to tell him.)

"I'll share all of your punishment with you."

"My love, and all of that person's punishment, we'll share them."

"I'll definitely show that fate can be changed."

As she "turned transparent," Momoka entrusted Shouma with her powers in some form. He agreed to share in her punishment, and she charged him with the task of "showing fate can be changed" and finishing her mission.

We know Ringo's had the diary since Momoka vanished, so Shouma can't "change trains" by the same method Momoka did. The apples (which from Galactic Railroad are supposed to be "the universe" and a symbol of death chosen out of love) may also signal a fate change / universe-jump from Shouma, which may explain why they're all over the place in the flashbacks when the parents are arrested and why Himari's clinging to it as she sleeps.

If Masako's slingshot isn't responsible, this also may be why he (and the other kids) seem to have faulty memories. Like Momoka was able to remember everything she changed because she always had the diary as a record to ground her. Shouma doesn't have a diary so he can't clearly remember what he's changed, or be fully aware of his powers. He may have forgotten what his mission is altogether. Both Himari and Kanba forgot their pasts: Himari forgot the child broiler, and Kanba forgot his connection to Masako. Masako seems to remember everything (and she reminds both Kanba and Himari of the truth), and we know she has the Kiga slingshot which gives her control over memories, both erasing and restoring them (though she used neither on Kanba or Himari when their memories were restored).

No clue on what Himari's sickness was sparked by and exactly how the parents got drawn in, but if Momoka is Purikuri, then the point of the diary may be because her meeting with Shouma was somehow referenced in it, and the "spell" inside is to make him remember his mission and how to set everything right / make Momoka's precious things become eternal?

So just the diary isn't enough, and just Shouma on his own changing things isn't enough. You have to combine the two to succeed.

And even just Shouma on his own isn't enough either. I think you need Kanba as well, but I'll get to that.

Sanetoshi wants the diary burned since then he can "win." We also know the Takakura parents have a "mission" (bringing peace to the world and probably some kind of environmental angle). They're still working to fulfill that mission away from the kids. Sanetoshi says the children are supposed to do what the parents could not, and he's sinking his claws into Kanba. The parents are also associated with Kiga and Penguin Force, and Masako is linked to Kiga as well through her father but apparently not to the same end. No clue on Pingroup except the sticker for Penguin Force peeling off to reveal it during the library scene (perhaps Pingroup is how Sanetoshi extends his influence into the real world).

We also know Sanetoshi saw the world the same way as Momoka, and could "hear the voices of all the people of the world crying out to be saved." But he and Momoka disagreed on how it should be done. They have a bet to search for the Penguindrum and prove the existence of fate.

Also, if you look in episode 9, the gears moving the penguin box are the same as the conveyor in the broiler:

So the broiler and the Hole In The Sky may be linked, both existing outside the normal world.

Is Sanetoshi behind the broiler? Is he an "adult" who thinks the best way to "save" people screaming for help is to simply turn them transparent and make it so they don't know who they are? (Would probably bring "peace to the world" and be pretty decent for the environment if all the humans get turned into glass, I guess.)

If Momoka is "transparent" that would explain why we only see her in the library, unchanged from the past, and how she became Purikuri. Also her going through the broiler may explain her drastic attitude change from the flashbacks of her saving everybody, if she is actually Purikuri.

No clue what's up with Mario. Broiler mishap?

But let's go back to the line from the trailer...

"All of my love, and all of that person's punishment, we'll share them. I'll definitely show that fate can be changed."

Between "'we' have magic," Kanba and Shouma wearing the same Kiga shirt in their kid flashbacks, and Purikuri telling Kanba he can do it because "the Penguindrum is your..." I think Kanba is mixed up in the whole thing even if he doesn't remember. I know people have specced the twins are the same person who got split due to timeline shenanigans, I'm a bit iffy on that exactly but I feel like they're definitely linked to an extent that it's probably not an exaggeration to say they're twins even if they're seemingly not related by blood. Specifically, Shouma saved Kanba after getting the powers, but made a deal with Kanba to split the powers and their fallout. "All of my love, and all of [Momoka's] punishment, we'll share them!"

This "division" between love and punishment may also be a meaning behind the Kiga symbol. I thought the earlier post suggesting it was the divide between the life and afterlife was really cool too though and want that to be true. XD

People also suggested in the previous thread that Shouma can bear the punishment but it's not physical in his case but emotional. But Kanba told him on the roof and on the train very deliberately, "I took the punishment." If the twins are linked and decided to "share" the powers, then Shouma may be the one with the power to change everything, and Kanba the one to take all the equivalent exchange. By "splitting" the powers and their backlash between two people you may be able to work more efficiently, I guess? But would explain why Kanba says he's hopeless and can't do anything for Himari, why he has a scorpion heart, why he told Masako they would be cursed together... He exists to protect the other two and bear their pain, but can't affect real change all on his own.

Would also tie into how Himari doesn't necessarily have just one "destined person". Shouma chose to save her, but Kanba may have been the one to bear the punishment accounting for her rescue then too (just like he bore it last week on the roof). So that would account for why Shouma's name is written with "crystal" (the link to Momoka/Purikuri) and also why Himari was told she was the "destiny bride" and the Purikuri hat was her "crown of flowers," which is written with the kanji for Kanba's name. It all crisscrosses: Sanetoshi and Himari/Purikuri/Momoka. Shouma and Himari/Purikuri/Momoka. Kanba and Himari/Purikuri/Momoka. All of them appear to be linked. And Sanetoshi says she'll know whose bride she is and where fate's destination leads when she returns to the real world and needs Sanetoshi. (And that he saved her life for a purpose that is "still a secret.")

Also we still don't know what Project Maternity was, but I'm speccing Momoka probably succeeded at whatever it was, and Project Maternity is somehow to blame for the bizarre crisscrossing family drama or the twins strangeness.

And with the remaining dialogue that hasn't been used, we can guess Shouma will try to change fate, Ringo will claim fate is actually unchangable (unless she's also quoting someone else) and that she won't be bound by someone else's expectation for her happiness, Shouma will meet someone who becomes transparent and share their punishment, Himari will try to save a male someone by giving back something she stole, and Sanetoshi will be all TROLOLOL NO HAPPINESS FOR YOU~

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