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The screening of the first episode at Animate took place today with Ikuhara and Arakawa Miho in attendance. No spoilers (I don't want them, lol) but more information came out during their talk.

  • Ikuhara wore jeans and a red striped top, Arakawa Miho wore a penguin hat. Variety show personality and big Utena fan Harukaze-chan attended the event and met Ikuhara.

  • The planning stage for the series began two years ago.

  • Lots of other animals besides penguins will appear in the series. Expect to see big name seiyuu in the animal roles (!)

  • They withheld the opening and ending sequences from the screening and saved them for airing, but promised the opening will surprise you, and the ending sequence and preview for episode 2 will surprise you even more.

  • The opening song is titled Noruniru, performed by Yakushimaru Etsuko with the Metro Orchestra. The ending song is titled DEAR FUTURE, performed by coaltar of the deepers.

ADDITIONAL CAST (I'm not sure about the characters' name kanji, they're probably off)

Tabuki Keiki: Ishida Akira
Jikago Yuri: Noto Mamiko
Natsume Masako: Horie Yui

And the first four episode titles have been released:

1話 運命のベルが鳴る (The Bell of Fate Sounds)
2話 危険な生存戦略 (Dangerous Survival Strategy)
3話 そして華麗に私を食べて・・・ (So, Eat Me Magnificently...)
4話 舞い落ちる姫君 (The Girl of Noble Birth Flutters Down)

Episode 3 seems to be making use of the "karei/curry" word pun that was also used in the title of episode 8 of Utena, make of that what you will.
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