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Director: Ikuhara Kunihiko
Series Composition / Scriptwriters: Ikuhara Kunihiko and ???
Original Character Drafts: Hoshino Lily
Production Studio: Brain's Base

24 episodes will be produced in all.


Takakura Himari - Arakawa Miho
Takakura Kanba - ???
Takakura Shouma - ???

Koizumi Yutaka plays a main role.
Fukami Rika appears in episode 3.


  • The official site has two teaser splash pages up; a white and a black one. When you refresh the page, they alternate.

  • The first volume of a novelization of the show (titled "輪るピングドラム(上)"), by Ikuhara Kunihiko and the debut of Takahashi Kei, with cover illustration by Hoshino Lily, will be released on 7/4 for 1470 yen by Gentosha Comics. Three volumes will be released in all.

  • Also released by Gentosha Comics on 7/7 for 1575 yen: 輪るピングドラム 試運転マニュアル 公式スターティングガイド ("Mawaru Penguin Drum Test-Run Manual: The Official Starter's Guide"). An 80-page guidebook to the world and characters of the series, with official artwork and full color images. The book includes a dialogue between Ikuhara and Hoshino Lily, a roundtable with the main cast, and interviews with the staff and cast.

  • After the end credits of the anime Dororon Enma-kun Me~ramera each week, a twenty-second teaser trailer for Mawaru Penguin Drum will air. There will be six teasers in all.

  • A streaming program with the staff is streaming live regularly (weekly? bi-weekly? not sure). Haven't gotten to catch it myself but Ikuhara mentions on his twitter when the stream is live.


Mostly gleaned from summaries of the streaming and tweet rundowns I've found. Since it's secondhand, the information may be dubious at best (and fans listening to it speculate themselves that some of the information could well be Ikuhara spreading fake info for the lulz)

  • Kanba, Shouma, and Himari seem to be the three main characters. There is another character besides them who wears glasses.

  • The meaning of the symbols on the teaser website: the train car = "Subways are a main setting of the show." "95" = "Can't say." The penguins = "Penguins."

  • The penguins have lots of scenes where they're eating. Penguin #3 is very useful and popular among the show staff. The penguins are the same size as dolls.

  • There are three penguin characters that have been mentioned so far. Penguin #1 is disciplined and hard-working. Penguin #2 is always eating something. If you're thinking, "This really isn't the time for you to be eating something," it will be eating right then. If you're thinking, "No way you're gonna eat that," it will eat that very thing. Penguin #3 is a fashionable girl with long eyelashes who wears a ribbon.

  • There will be unusual creatures in the series besides the penguins.

  • Ikuhara: Laying down the audio is going okay but it's tough. The feedback from people who've seen the show is that it's unusual and can't really be compared to anything else. More sexy scenes than he expected the show to have. The genre is "mystery."

  • Info that may be real or may be Ikuhara joking around for the lulz: the show begins with Penguin #0 being killed. There are people who control the penguins from the inside. In the place of the subway ticket-taking booth, penguins eat the commuter passes instead. There's a queen penguin living inside the subway station somewhere.

  • As of May 26th, the cast had just finished recording episode 8. They just got the script for episode 9 and were in love with it. Episode 9 will introduce a new character(s?), and had special staff members working on it so the animation is expected to look amazing.

  • More official information about the show should start to come out around the 10th of June.

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